Come Meet NYS Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh @ This Week’s Econ Committee Meeting!

MYD Itself

This coming Tuesday the Economic Issues Committee will be meeting at its new home at the Grassroots Tavern (20 St. Marks Place) to welcome New York State Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh! He will be joining us to discuss the crucially important topic of Campaign Finance reform and whether or not to endorse the current bill working its way through the state legislature.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday, we will continue planning our Small Business Panel where we expect to dispel the Republican myth that the best kind of government is the kind that governs least, at least as far as the private sector is concerned. If you know of small business owners who might want to get involved or if you want to have an impact on the types of questions that will be asked at the event and who should attend, make sure to come on out!

Finally, the Econ Committee is looking to start a new Employment Initiative. This new initiative would be focused on how elements like policy, corporate hiring practices, education, debt, organized labor, and employment all come together to affect the position of young people in today’s workforce. Employing the next generation of the American workforce is one of the most essential economic issues we face.   There is no greater way to tackle this issue than with a multifaceted approach spearheaded by some of our most motivated and enthusiastic members.

Economic Issues Committee Meeting
Tuesday, August 21st, 7pm
Grassroots Tavern, 20 St. Marks Place
Email for more info