Climate Rapid Response Team

Learn Something // Take Action

courtesy: NASA

Scientists have never been particularly good at communicating with the media— historically it’s not really been their job. Scientists are trained not to shape public opinion but to examine the natural world. But that may have to change the longer climate science remains in the crosshairs of the fact-free conservative punditocracy.

Enter the Climate Rapid Response Team, a group of 40 climate scientists who will spend their spare time fielding questions from the media about global warming.  Polls show that the number of Americans who believe in global warming has decreased sharply in the past 5 years, no doubt a result of the onslaught of anti-science garbage being peddled by people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  But as Science Progress points out, “…some of the blame must be shared by traditional media outlets for elevating the spurious claims of television weathermen and ex-governors to the same level as peer-reviewed, data-driven, scientific analysis conducted by credentialed experts.”

While the new rapid response team is a welcome develeopment, I propose that we must all be our own Climate Rapid Response Teams, ready to dole out facts and reason in the face of ignorance.  The first step is to get educated.  Real Climate is an excellent resource, which includes links to these other great sites:

The facts are on our side.  Now let’s use them!