Christina Chang, New MYD Member!, 24

Member of the Week // MYD Itself

Christina is a new member of MYD and already an active participant in the Women’s Issues Committee (she’s on the Host Committee for Engendering Progress, 2nd annual event to honor women thought-leaders, activists, and philanthropists on Thursday!) Christina was interested in joining MYD while at Barnard but didn’t think that she had the time to commit, and it’s no wonder! She was an active member of several clubs and organizations, holding several high positions (Vice President of Student Activities for one!) Christina moved to New York from San Diego in 2004. Right before the 2004 Presidential Election, which fell 4 days before her 18th birthday!

That fall, I remember buying a lot of Kerry/Edwards gear, and those essentially made up my wardrobe for about 2 months.  My favorite t-shirt was one that said “JFK in 2004” – a shirt which I remember wearing during a GOTV canvassing trip in Pennsylvania in the few days leading up to Election Day 2004.  As a wide-eyed 17-year old who hadn’t had much exposure to politics, it was so exciting for me to be a part of that.  Since I couldn’t vote, the thing that I knew I could do was to make sure that other eligible voters did exercise their right to do so.

Community involvement is very important to Christina. During her time at Barnard she took a position at the New York Legal Assistance Group and the Family Law division of the Legal Aid Society, helping low-income New Yorkers. Afterward Christina worked at a Law Firm for two years, specializing in pro-bono cases and acting as a Mandarin Chinese interpreter for workers’ rights cases.

At the Legal Aid Society, I worked in Family Court, assisting with child protective and juvenile rights cases for low-income New Yorkers.  During those experiences, I felt that I was able to contribute somewhat to the greater community.  A person’s socioeconomic level should not prevent them from access to the assistance and resources that they deserve, and I’m glad that I was able to work in organizations that fought tirelessly to bring these rights and resources to the under-represented.

Christina’s passions and experience are too vast to list in full! Join her and the rest of the Women’s Issue Committee on Thursday at Engendering Progress to learn more about Christina and our other awesome new MYD Members!

Before moving here, people had always told me that New Yorkers were rude and constantly in a rush, but it wasn’t long before I realized what an unfair and exaggerated generalization that was.  People are always on the go here because they’re working for and towards something that they believe in.  It is this passion and drive that inspires me to be a better person, to speak up, to fight for what I believe in, and to never settle for mediocrity.  It’s in New York where I’ve really grown up, and come into my own.  It is New York that has taught me what kind of person I want to be.

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