Canvassing in Lehigh Valley for President Obama

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Last Saturday, volunteers from coalition of progressive groups from all over New York City took a bus trip out to the Lehigh Valley to spend the day going door-to-door to keep Pennsylvania blue and get our President re-elected. 

Traveling to a state where the sweeping voter ID law hangs in the balance and a region hard hit by the recession, we informed voters about the new law, registered voters, advocated the administration’s economic policies and talked up all of the progress from the first term, motivating and energizing the people of Bethlehem to turn out on election day so Barack Obama and Joe Biden can finish what they’ve started. 

Collectively and impressively, we knocked on over 3,800 doors, talked to over 1,000 residents, registered over 150, received about 400 commitments to vote for the President and had a great time doing it.

Here’s a picture of the volunteers and organizers in front of the OFA office in Bethlehem at the end of the day before getting back on the bus to NYC.

This coalition – consisting of ACT NOW, Chelsea Reform Democrats, Downtown Independent Democrats, Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats, Greater NYC for Change, Lower Manhattan Democrats, Manhattan Young Democrats, New Latino Movement, NYU Law Democrats, Samuel L. Tilden Democratic Club, Stonewall Democrats, Village Independent Democrats & Women’s Information Network (WIN) NYC Chapter – has trips every Saturday leaving at 8am from Union Square East at 15th Street.  RSVP here.

To sign up for the MYD Field Day for Obama to PA on October 13th, RSVP on Facebook and email Robin at  The trip is free.  Space is limited.  Get your spot on the bus today.