Campaign T-Shirt Tracker! — Inaugural Gillibrand Edition


Let’s face it – we’re into politics, and we’re young enough that we can still remember college.  And what’s one of the hallmarks of the college experience?  All the random t-shirts for things.  And we at MYD love t-shirts, from last summer’s Don’t Vote For Pedro to the Big F***ing Deal.

Gillibrand ShirtSo, it’s a state election year.  With all of our statewide elected offices up for election this year (including BOTH U.S. senators), what looks to be a wild multiple-candidate throwdown in the election for state Attorney General, AND both houses of the state legislature up for reelection…there will be a lot of competitive campaigns, a lot of campaigning, and therefore a lot of campaign swag.

So, when 2010 NY campaign t-shirts come our way, we’ll be posting pics, sometimes with comments.  Above left, here’s a look at our first catch of the 2010 cycle, a Gillibrand shirt we snagged at the Senator’s low-dollar event last week.

At right is a close-up of the logo design on the t-shirt.  It’s bold and busy, with lots of familiar NYC symbols (interesting when you consider that she represented an upstate district in congress).  I’m usually not a fan of t-shirts this busy – Gillibrand Shirt closeupbetween the symbols substituting for letters (or crowding in on top of them), the variation in letter sizes, etc.  That said, I think it hangs together.

I’m a huge fan of the fact that Gillibrand is all over the Democratic brand, prominently displaying the color blue, the word Democrat, and even the donkey logo.  This kind of reflects her current style as a senator and candidate — instead of  trying to be all things to all people, Gillibrand’s been taking strong positions on issues we care about, from healthcare to equal rights issues like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and doing what she can to move the ball forward.

As always, this post does not constitute an MYD endorsement of Senator Gillibrand, as MYD does not render endorsements in contested Democratic primaries.