Bkly Special Election Announced Today


44th Council District
44th Council District

As a Young Democrat living in NYC, you should be aware: there’s an election a comin’ on March 23rd.

Democrats Joe Lazar and David Greenfield will be battling it out against Republican Jonathan Judge for the 44th Council seat (Brooklyn: Midwood, Kensington, Borough Park) vacated by the appointment of Simcha Felder to the office of Deputy Comptroller. Mayor Bloomberg announced the election date today.

Special elections for City Council are a strange specimen. They’re non-partisan, meaning candidates, whether registered with a party or not, have to create their own parties (e.g. Brooklyn for Better Bus Service Party). The term is also very short: from special election day until November, when they’ll have another special election to fill the remainder of the term.

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Hat tip to Michael Harris, of the Examiner.