Between Now and Sep 14: Anti-Espada, All The Time!

Take Action

Huge shout-out to Margaret, Betsy, Scott, Richard, Paul and Kim for coming out with me last weekend to canvass in the 33rd. It was tons of fun and talking to people in the district really highlights just how high the anti-Espada fever is running.

To quote one resident, whose door we knocked upon in the 97-degree heat on Sunday afternoon:

Pedro Espada can go to hell.

In that spirit, we’re passing along info on another anti-Espada event taking place this coming Saturday. Our friends at the New Roosevelt Initiative will be leading the charge. Email vp [at] goMYD [dot] com back to get connected with the organizers. Details here:

Mr. Espada is giving away free food and school supplies at two locations on Saturday morning, and we are trying to get 40 people to go out to make his life miserable.  We’re meeting at 9:30, and will hit both of their giveaway sites.  Details are below if anyone can make it!

9:30 am – c. 11:30 am

Vladeck Hall (9.45-10.30)
74 Van Cortlandt Park South (corner Hillman Avenue)

Moshulu Library
285 East 205th Street(10.30-11.15)

Of course, converting anti-Espada sentiment to actual votes on Sep 14 are two very different things. That’s why we need you to mark your calendars for canvassing on Sunday, Sep 12, for GOTV! In a district where only 10-15% of the base gets out to vote, every single vote will count. Again, email me if you want in on the fun: vp [at] goMYD [dot] com.