Assembly Passes Marriage Equality


Last night, after hours of debate, the New York State Assembly passed Marriage Equality for the fourth time. Though the measure passed with 9 less votes in years past, most of those were due to shifts to the Cuomo Administration – including Roann Destito and Darryl Towns.

One great anecdote reported in describes Assemblyman Nick Perry (D), who voted against Marriage Equality three times prior, voted yes this time. He finally came to the conclusion that “the freedom to live the life you choose to make you happy is a┬áright everyone should enjoy.” Though, just to underscore the ignorance we still face, Assemblyman Dov Hikind held up a photo of Lady Gaga as he voted against the measure – evidently pointing out that if Marriage Equality passes, New Yorkers would be compelled to wear phones as hats.

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, Capitol Confidential has a tally of the vote so you can check on your own representative, as well as a rehash of their live tweets of the debate.

Attention now shifts to the State Senate, which has seen a number of “NO” and UNDECIDED” votes shift to the “YES” column just this week. We only need one more, so please come out to the Marriage Equality phone bank tonight at 5PM. The vote is close and you can make a difference.

Updated: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Assemblyman Jonathan Bing already left the State Assembly to join the Cuomo Administration. He will be departing after this current legislative session. Sorry for any confusion this error my have caused.