Apply for a Spot With the Young Democrats of America


I love Manhattan Young Democrats and, in the five years I’ve been here, watching it grow from 30 members to nearly 300, go from in the red to sustainably in the black and take on award winning projects like Open Seat, Young Gets It Done, and Learning Labs (which won YDA Best On-Going Event yesterday!) has been a joy. Generally, I frown on people hogging up leadership posts but, a few months ago I was asked to represent the experience and energy of Manhattan, NYC and New York State on the national level and I agreed. Last Sunday, I won an election to do just that.

It’s an honor and a privilege to have been elected First Vice President of the Young Democrats of America. But 2014 is around the corner, there’s no time to waste. Back patting ended 24 hours ago when the last vote was cast, I’m putting out a call for people to join the team and get to work. It’s time to build an unrivaled bastion of progressive youth activism in this country! So:

1. Apply to join the First VP Cabinet. We have a great need for diverse talents. The Four Point Plan I proposed, along with two additions has gotten the go ahead from the members. We need folks running the gamut from communications to web development to online advertising. Click here for the full plan.

2. Work is important but we need to be pumped to do our best. The official Victory Party is MYD’s 5th Annual Young Gets It Done where we’ll be joined from hundreds of young progressives from around the region, electeds and 5 amazing honorees. With the Young Democrats of America elections over, people will be looking to the largest event of one of YDA’s most innovative and successful chapters – winner of this year’s On-Going Event of the Year Award for the ground-breaking Learning Labs – to see what Young Democrats can do. Join us for the party!