Andrew Cuomo Announces Run For Governor


Andrew Cuomo released a short video this morning announcing that he will run for Governor of New York. He also released a longer video, 21 min, which I embedded below. In that video he outlines a wide range of his policy positions. The NYTimes also has a great interactive feature called Perspectives on Andrew M. Cuomo, “where former colleagues, mentors and campaign challengers” speak about Cuomo’s “leadership style, accomplishments and temperament.”

I also recently received a blast email from his campaign:

Sadly, our state government has failed our people. It has been paralyzed all too often by partisan politics and corruption.

We must change all that. It’s time to overhaul our government — clean it up, pare it down and make it work.

He continues:

Here’s what we need to do to get started:

  • Clean up the corruption in Albany and restore honor and integrity to our state government.
  • Get our fiscal house in order by controlling government spending and putting a cap on local property taxes.
  • Overhaul the size of state and local government to reduce costs and make them more efficient and effective.
  • Take bold new measures to create more jobs and jump-start New York’s innovation economy.
  • Protect our basic rights and freedoms, including a woman’s right to choose, marriage equality, and freedom from discrimination.

The Plan from Andrew Cuomo on Vimeo.