An Interview w/ State Senator-Elect & New NYS DSCC Chair Mike Gianaris

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State Senator-Elect Mike Gianaris of Queens is the new head of the New York State DSCC — get the details in this interview from Liz Benjamin on Capitol Tonight. It’s a really informative segment that will shed light on the broader picture of this past year’s elections and the State Senate — I highly recommend you watch the whole thing!

The [State Senate] Democratic Conference has about 1/4 of them…newly -elected in the past year. A number of them have been champions of reform and transparency in the state legislature — between Tony Avella, Gustavo Rivera, David Carlucci, and I’ll include myself in that list… We’ve been waving the flag of reform for a long time, and you can expect all of us to take a role in the Democratic conference in the coming year.

Everyone, by the way, has agreed to these changes — everyone was tripping over themselves to declare themselves heroes of reform… Well, that commitment is going to be put to the test in a couple of weeks when we get to the new session in January. I think the first order of business, since 50-some odd members of the Senate agreed on it and signed a pledge supporting not only independent redistricting, but also ethics and budget reform — that we should take that matter up immediately and get to it as soon as possible, and send a message to the people of this state that we meant what we said, we said what we meant, that it wasn’t just empty campaign rhetoric but we delivered on that promise.

Capitol Tonight via NYS DSCC