An Historic Week for Marriage Equality


As we lead up to this historic occasion, there is a collective sense of people holding their breath. This time feels different from previous efforts. United For Marriage, along with Marriage Equality USA, has planned over 150 events nationwide as we prepare to listen to the oral arguments from Prop 8 and DOMA. Yesterday, thousands marched from the LGBT landmark Stonewall Inn to Washington Square Park. Over 200 members of Congress have said they are in support for striking down DOMA, including Representative Jerold Nadler who spoke at yesterday’s event. Over 80 groups co-sponsored the March for Marriage.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), there will be an interfaith rally at CBST.

On Wednesday night at 7pm, there will be a news watch and discussion party at Stonewall Inn.

Currently, there are a few dedicated individuals who are camped out in front of SCOTUS. They are sleeping on the sidewalks in support of marriage equality. They slept in the sleet on freezing cold sidewalks, armed with their commitment to civil liberties. Let’s not obfuscate their sacrifice and remember to commend them for their bravery.