America, You’re Not Alone (A Video of My Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Weekend!)

For Your Entertainment

In our world of such distortions, false facades and constant insanity, a rally to bring back some sanity, hosted by two of the best late-night talk show hosts, sounded like an event I wanted to be at.

When I decided to make the trip with my friend, I had no idea who would be at the rally or what it would be all about, but that didn’t matter. With the track record of integrity that Jon Stewart has, I was willing to put my trust in his judgment to have the Best. Rally. Ever.

He did not disappoint.

I compiled the following video over the past several days. Other than the few seconds of video from the Comedy Central broadcast, the images and videos were all filmed by me.

You can also check out my photo album for the event on Facebook.