“Above politics” =! above patronage and political hires


His supporters keep telling us that Hizzoner’s above petty politics.  Maybe, but he’s not above giving out jobs to his campaign staff and raises to his aides!  From the Times:

Even as he warns that the city may have to lay off thousands of workers, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has found city jobs for 15 members of his re-election campaign, many of whom are earning six-figure salaries, records and interviews show.

The hirings suggest that while Mr. Bloomberg is calling for a leaner government that reflects the economic downturn, he is finding money in the budget for those who engineered his unexpectedly close re-election.

In addition, seven city employees who left their jobs to work on the campaign have returned, in many cases at higher salaries. Together, the appointments cost taxpayers more than $2 million in government wages.

A) Wow, that’s pretty harsh for the Times.  Check out the full article – there’s more.

B) But, but, I thought we were facing a financial crisis so dire that:

I hope Gawker posts a reaction.  While I’m not capable of the snark that’s called for here…they are!