A Rally for Women (Standing with Planned Parenthood)


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The world has drastically in the past few decades, and recently it seems that the speed of this change is accelerating with the rise of instant communication, the internet, and technology. What remains a challenge for society is that customs and beliefs are slow to change, and at times, contested fiercely.┬áThis applies in the strongest terms when it comes to a women’s right to do what she views as appropriate with her own body.

Men have it easy; men have been free. Women have only recently, in the past few generations, taken into their hands a more equal chance to live in tranquility as human beings. A significant component of this freedom derives from control over her own body – through advances in medical technology, family planning, and other reproductive health services.

MYDers joined fellow New Yorkers this past Saturday to rally and protect these important steps towards gender equality. And we stood in solidarity with Planned Parenthood, the flagship provider of these services (1 in 5 American women will receive services in a PP clinic in their lifetime) and to protest the nonsensical attacks waged on the organization in recent weeks.

From Washington Square News:

Nearly 5,000 protesters joined lawmakers and supporters of women’s rights on Saturday to rally against the proposed bill that would cut funding for Planned Parenthood by 40 percent.

In response to the bill’s passing through the U.S. House of Representatives last week, the protesters gathered in Foley Square in front of the New York City Supreme Court. Protestors gathered to attempt to sway the Senate’s vote, which is scheduled for next week.

In our pursuit of a more just society, ensuring women basic reproductive rights by making them as strong as possible should be our goal, not necessarily because one agrees with all the actions a women might choose, but because it is her right to make those decisions.

If we believe in the basic principles of America – justice for all, domestic tranquility, the general welfare, liberty and pursuing our future posterity – Planned Parenthood should not only be celebrated for what is has provided to American women, but funded to achieve those ends. When funding diminishes at a time when more women desire to pursue a life of freedom, we end up hurting our nation’s founding purpose. If one woman is turned away due to a lack of funds, is treated poorly by an overworked clinic, isn’t able to do as she sees fit, society as a whole suffers, not to mention the infringement on the women’s right to pursue her own happiness.