A Big F***ing Deal T-Shirt Story

MYD Itself

So earlier this week during the signing ceremony for the most historic piece of progressive legislation since 1965, our very own (US) Vice President, Joe Biden – dropped an F bomb explaining how important the day, the bill, the moment – was.

It was a half-hour later when I realized this had all happened and saw one of my friends tweet that it should be a T-Shirt. I must have muttered aloud well that’s not hard. Ten minutes later or so:

Later I would create another edition with the official Obama signature and approval stamp on back, then a shirt with CHANGE WE BELIEVED IN and the signature/stamp. There’s even a coffee mug, and I have a few new ideas as well. And while my shirt was maybe the 2nd one to emerge, it won an award on Zazzle – and here’s the kicker: I’ve had a few larger orders from DC, including one the same morning Obama mentioned to his staff that he loved the quote and wanted to get a t-shirt made. So it’s entirely possible, and this would of course be pretty cool, that Obama will emerge on the basketball court some day soon wearing a shirt I designed (!@#$!). And this all started as a joke!

Your Creative Director’s Accidental T-Shirt Empire (Zazzle)