$85 Million in Ads Not Enough for Bloomberg


Mayor Bloomberg (or as we sometimes like to call him, Mayor Bloombucks) has already shelled out a record-breaking $85 Million of his own money to be on TV everywhere, every minute until the election, even after a study came out awhile back saying voters’ opinions of him go down after advertising overload.

Of course the Mayor should be at a big Yankees playoff game, and of course he should congratulate the team, but he probably shouldn’t hang around in front of the cameras for hours. As Fox Sports interviewed the Yankees players, managers and executives after the big win, Mayor Bloombucks kept hanging around the podium, and wouldn’t leave.

City Room, the NY politics blog at The New York Times, put a great spin on this one:

Top 10 Reasons Why Mayor Bloomberg Wouldn’t Leave the Podium

10. Rudy would have stepped up to replace him.
9. As Letterman might say, the podium was kinda high off the ground for a guy that short.
8. Someone has to represent the Red Sox, er, I mean the Mets, er, I mean City Hall.
7. If the cracked stadium ramps gave way, this was the safest place to be.
6. Free Champagne? Somewhere there’s gotta be free hot dogs.
5. He had to stay for all nine innings; no way he leaves now.
4. A showing of solidarity with the biggest payroll in baseball.
3. Just bursting for the opportunity to show a national audience how well he speaks Spanish.
2. It’s great to be with a wiener.
1. It’s not often the mayor gets TV face time that he doesn’t have to pay for.

The Mayor Who Wouldn’t Leave [NY Times City Room]