3 Weeks Left to Get Stuff Done!

Only in NY // Take Action

The New York State Legislative Session ends on June 20th.  Those who are “in the know” will tell you that in the next 3 weeks we’ll be lucky to get one more piece of major legislation passed.   Unfortunately, there are still a lot of good bills sitting in legislative limbo, many of which deserve a vote.  The Albany Times Union does a really good job of laying out the issues they would like the legislature to address, several of which are a part of MYD’s 2013 Policy Platform.  The Times-Union doesn’t mince words:

Eleven days, senators and members of the Assembly. That’s how much time is left to salvage a legislative session that seems to have been distinguished more by scandal than by accomplishment.

They go on to list their top eight priorities, which include election/campaign finance reform, women’s rights, farm worker rights, medical marijuana, low-level marijuana violations, tax-free zones, GENDA and redistricting.

If you care about any of these issues and you’d like information on upcoming lobbying efforts, contact Kim: policy@gomyd.com