First Manhattan Young Democrats Competitive Presidential Race in a Decade Elects Outsiders With a Bold Vision


NEW YORK, NY – October 3, 2017 – Last Tuesday’s Special Election for the Manhattan Young Democrats elected two new bold leaders, Malik Wright (President) and Henri Metivier (Vice President), in the organization’s first competitive Presidential election in a decade. The winners, who ran the unprecedented MYD Bold campaign and slate were considered outsiders despite both being appointed Treasurer and Secretary earlier in the year. Nevertheless, their message of empowerment, renewed energy, and an MYD that the members deserve led them to victory.

“Bold is an MYD that empowers and activates our members and our Taskforces. An MYD that focuses on getting our members involved in Democratic clubs, community groups and labor movements. We want to get our members jobs with elected officials and political organizations,” said Malik Wright, newly-elected President of Manhattan Young Democrats.  “Bold is an MYD that is more open, more transparent, more accessible, more affordable, more activist, more issues-based with more women, more members of color, more LGBTQ members, more members with disabilities, more labor members, more Jewish members and more members from all parts of Manhattan.”

With a simple vision, the MYD Bold platform promises to transform Manhattan Young Democrats into an action-based political organization that once again elevates and empowers its members. While the goal is simple, this new way of doing business isn’t without its challenges.

In a year where MYD faced a crisis, when Democrats are facing an unprecedented existential crisis from the Trump administration, as well as divisions within our own Party, the only way to face these kinds of challenges going forward is to realign our focus in a way that makes our members feel like they have some ownership in the success of the organization.

Manhattan Young Democrats (MYD) is the official youth arm of the Democratic Party in New York County and a chapter of the New York State Young Democrats. Our mission is to educate, activate and empower Manhattan’s young progressives to take ownership in the challenges to come. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @gomyd.