2016 Officer Applications


Once again it’s election time for MYD!  Every year the members of the club vote for our leadership. In order to run for an officer position you must fill out an application which is then distributed to the membership to read.

Officer positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions will be elected at the November meeting (per the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws approved tonight) by dues paying members.  The meeting will be held Tuesday, November 17 at 7pm.

To run for these positions you must have attended at least one MYD event in 2015 and be a dues paying member for 2016 (which can be paid at the Holiday Party in December).

Please submit Officer Applications to me at president [@] gomyd.com with the subject line “2016 Officer Application” by 6PM on Monday, November 2nd.  Applications will then be posted to the blog for the general membership to read and review no later than November 3rd. The Officer Application is below.

MYD Officer Application

To be voted on at the November MYD General Meeting

Submitted applications (not including contact information) will be available on gomyd.com for the membership to view no later than two weeks prior to the election.

Applicants must be a 2016 dues paying member

Please submit to president@gomyd.com no later than Monday, November 2nd.


Position Running For:


Phone Number:



MYD events attended in 2015:


Please answer the following questions.


1) What is your vision for the Manhattan Young Democrats for 2016? Give some concrete examples of initiatives you would like to undertake before the end of the year.


2) Why do you think you’re a good fit? Please list relevant experiences you would draw from and strengths you could bring to the position you are running for.


3) Serving on the executive board of MYD is a significant time commitment. How committed will you be as a member — how would you be able to fit your leadership responsibilities within your current schedule? Please list your commitments outside of your employment (i.e. leadership positions in other clubs).


4) What 3 (three) issues would you consider most important to New York?


5) What do you see as the biggest challenge to engaging young voters? In broad terms, how can we make changes to correct it?


6) (Optional) Is there anything else you think MYD’s membership and leadership should know about you before reviewing you application?