2010 = Bloodbath


Feel the wrath, “Democratic” Senators:

Gay advocates are on the warpath after the state Senate killed same-sex marriage last week, and few Democratic senators who voted against the bill are safe from their wrath.

After spending more than $1 million to help the Democrats retake the chamber for the first time in decades, powerful gay activists and donors say they’ll support challengers against anti-gay-marriage senators in 2010.

“It’s going to be a bloodbath,” one gay operative predicted. “We’re going to use every single weapon in our quiver to take these people out. We either need to replace them or scare the hell out of them so they do the right thing.”

Gay activists are considered some of the most effective fund-raisers in state Democratic political circles.

“The community is apoplectic … and the commitment to building the Democratic majority is over,” the operative added. “We won’t make the same mistake twice.”