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On May 22, 2018, the Trump-Pence Administration along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar officially put forward a new proposed rule that would undermine the ability of healthcare facilities receiving federal funding through Title X to provide full and accurate information on reproductive healthcare to their patients and prevent … Continued

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Celebrating Women’s History Month 2018: The Year of the (Political) Woman

  Article Written By: Morgan Brock-Smith, Gender Equity Taskforce As we celebrate Women’s History Month this year, it is hard to ignore the challenges we have faced throughout the past 12 months. After coming the closest we ever have to seeing a woman elected to the presidency of the United States only to lose out … Continued

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Tell Your Representatives to Close the Boyfriend Loophole

Closing the “Boyfriend Loophole” is a vital step in protecting domestic violence survivors. What you can do is simple, send the below letter to your Senator or Congressmember, urging them to pass this Act. Please note, in order to have your individual voice be heard, you must add a sentence or two that makes this … Continued

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Member of the Month

MoM July 2017: Julianne Simson

Julianne Simson is one of Manhattan Young Democrats’ active members working tirelessly to promote democratic ideals in New York City. Here is her story. Julianne made her move to New York City on September 17,...

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