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Welcome to the MYD Healthcare Taskforce! We, the Manhattan Young Democrats, strongly believe that healthcare is a human right. Therefore, we advocate that equitable, affordable, and high-value health care be made available to all individuals regardless of age, income, gender identity, race, or sexual orientation. To that end, we believe:

  1. Legislation should be aimed at improving population health and reducing health disparities
  2. Health insurance products should be community rated, guaranteed issued, and should cover preventative/primary care services with no cost sharing
  3. Providers should be compensated for the value of the care they provide and not the volume
  4. Healthcare costs and medical records should be transparent to patients
  5. Pharmaceutical drugs should be affordably priced

We oppose any legislation which attempts to shift the cost of health care to low- or middle-income consumers or decreases the quality of their care. Like many other developed countries, we believe that social solidarity, and not solely free market solutions, should be the foundation upon which all health policy is constructed.