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Welcome to MYD’s Gender Equity Taskforce! We focus on local issues affecting women’s rights, reproductive health and professional advancement.

Our Taskforce aims to maintain New York’s status as a progressive, egalitarian state by pushing gender equality further into our legislation, education and local communities.

Our work is divided into three pillars: community outreach, political action and education. We use these pillars as guidelines to address local issues that affect gender equality in New York.

Our members regularly engage through monthly meetings, letter-writing workshops, educational panels and live streams. We strive to channel these activities for key elections, policy decisions on the state level regarding women’s rights, reproductive health, and gender equality in the workforce.

To get involved, email or join us for one of our monthly meetings or other regular events!

MYD’s Gender Equity task force sits down with Amanda Litman, founder of Run for Something!

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