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Sampson Cares More About Yankees Than Job

The Daily News reported this morning that John Sampson, the Democratic Majority Conference Leader, did not attend “crucial budget talks with Senate Dems on Sunday to host a lavish fund-raiser at Yankee Stadium.” I can’t say I’m shocked to hear that a State Senators doesn’t much care about the state, or his constituents. The Daily News continues: So while Sampson’s colleagues sweated out the prospects of an unprecedented government shutdown, he scooped up $2,500 a head from 75 donors in a swank luxury suite – fattening his war chest by $187,500. The fund-raiser had more than financial perks. Sampson, the Senate Democratic conference leader, received a private tour of the Stadium before the Yanks completed their three-game sweep of the … More >>

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The One Thing Mets And Yankees Fans Can Agree On

Immigration has blown up as an issue over the past few weeks as anger over the draconian Arizonan law has boiled over the political space into an equally volatile and emotionally-charged arena: sports. Just last week, the Phoenix Suns (for those not in the know like me: that’s a basketball team) wore “Los Suns” jerseys to protest the law and show their solidarity with the Hispanic community. Here in New York–a city whose very essence and dynamism is defined by the diversity of its immigrant population–Mayor Bloomberg has come out to smack down the new law as anti-American, and AriZona Iced Tea has issued press releases making very clear that despite its name, it “proudly traces its heritage back to … More >>

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Photo of the Week: Jill, Yogi and Michelle

Just some kids out for the ceremonial first pitch of World Series Game One on Wednesday night. Happy Halloween!

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