White Roof Project’s Change Maker Series: Interview with Manhattan Borough President Brewer

Our friends over at the White Roof Project talk sustainability with Manhattan Borough President Brewer in their latest Change Maker series entry. The Change Maker series is a conversation with elected officials, nonprofit professionals, and environmental advocates working to mitigate climate change in creative and tangible ways. “White Roof Project: During the Bloomberg administration, sustainable building policy […]

The Awesomeness Of A Little Roof Paint… Who Knew?

Looking for that easy fix to prevent climate change? Here’s a no brainer that can make a big difference: white roof paint! What’s that? It’s a special coating with a high thermal mass and solar-reflective properties. In other words, it’s paint that keeps buildings cooler and lowers energy use, prevents roof damage, and traps less […]

Make NYC Cooler! Join Us For The White Roof Project Launch Party

On Wednesday August 11th 7-11 PM at the 10 Degrees Wine Bar located at 121 St. Marks’ Place the Sierra Club and MYD will be unveiling a brand new website for our joint effort, the White Roof Project. Here’s the story if you missed it previously: MYD’s Environmental Committee has committed to identifying nonprofit buildings […]

Save The Date: White Roof Project Launch Party!

Ah, climate change. An issue that feels so overwhelming as to overwhelm our ability to take action. (Like our Senators — le sigh.) But regardless of whether you wanted a comprehensive federal climate change bill to pass this year or not, there are things we can do on a local level that make a meaningful, […]