Nadler: How We Can Still Do True Healthcare Reform


Here we are, at the end of a week in which I’m sure I wasn’t alone in trying really hard to look away from what was going on in Washington (and failing miserably).  As someone who thinks that the Senate healthcare bill as is may not be worth passing, but does not want to see […]

Time To Fight

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Lots of commentary on what the Brown victory in MA means for healthcare reform across the vast internets. After a quick scan, I agree with this: People don’t like politicians who are weak and don’t know what they believe. If the bill was worth passing yesterday, it’s just as worth passing tomorrow. All the meta-politics […]

TAP: Why Massachusetts Doesn’t Matter

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…even if Brown should prevail, there is a path — more than one, actually — for Democrats to lunge across the finish line and pass health-care reform. It might not be pretty, but after the last year of legislative ugliness, it won’t much matter. The first path would be for the House — where they […]

Ian’s Law

News // Only in NY

State Senator Eric Schneiderman (UES UWS up through Inwood) has introduced legislation called “Ian’s Law” to close loopholes that allow insurers to drop entire lines of health care coverage in order to get rid of specific, high-cost patients. Ian’s story, from Robert Harding on Kos: Put yourself in Ian Pearl’s position. You were diagnosed with […]

[Ironic] Photo of the Week + Healthcare Bill Passes House


Hat tip, Elizabeth Kanter–from the DC Tea Party protests: Meanwhile, the House has passed its health bill 220-215. Here’s how reps from NY voted (Republicans in italics): AYE Ackerman Arcuri Bishop Clarke Crowley Engel Hall Higgins Hinchey Israel Lowey Maffei Maloney McCarthy Meeks Nadler Owens Rangel Serrano Slaughter Tonko Towns Velazquez Weiner NAY King Lee […]

Politics 3.0: Some UGC On Healthcare Reform

Politics 3.0 // Take Action

OFA is running a video contest where you can vote user-generated videos about healthcare reform up or down to select a winner. I haven’t watched all 20, but I enjoyed this one because the grittiness reminded me of NYC: And this one because well, it just speaks the truth: Obama for America: Healthcare Reform Video […]