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Cuomo Begins Swinging Budget Axe

This past week, Governor Cuomo submitted his Executive Budget to the State Legislature, including the briefing book, five-year capital program and financing plan, five-year financial plan, economic and revenue outlook and all that actually appropriation bills. Although the budget may seem like an abstract thing, the budget is the place where most policy decisions are made and where policy objectives are implemented in concrete financial terms. So what’s next? The Division of the Budget has a handy little guide: The Legislature, primarily through its fiscal committees – Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means – analyzes the Governor’s spending proposals and revenue estimates, holds public hearings on major programs, and seeks further information from the Division of the Budget and … More >>

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Death and Taxes Made Pretty

Want to see where the President’s proposed budget will spend our tax dollars? Check out this graphical representation from Death & Taxes:

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