To participate in New York State or federal elections, you must be a registered voter!

How to register to vote in New York State



To check the status of your voter registration and locate your polling place, visit the Voter Registration Search page. For the complete calendar of registration deadlines, visit the New York State Board of Elections.

Key Dates in 2016

  • April 19: New York State Presidential Primary
    • Registration Deadline – March 25th
  • June 28: Congressional Primary
    • Registration Deadline – June 3rd
  • September 13: State and Local Primaries
    • Registration Deadline – August 19th
  • November 8: General Election
    • Registration Deadline – October 14th


If you want to participate in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary in New York State (Tuesday, April 19), and you are not already a registered Democrat, you can only register in person by March 25th at your nearest Board of Elections site. For the Special election on the same day, forms can be mailed by the 25th or submitted in person by Tuesday, April 8th. For the upcoming Congressional and State primaries you can still register by all normal means.

Enrollment in a political party is always optional, but in order to vote in primary elections in New York State, you must be enrolled in the Democratic Party. Primary Elections are held so that voters registered with a qualified political party may select their party’s nominees to the general election for non-partisan offices.