Injustice: It’s Not Just Us

On Tuesday January 20th we will be hosting our Injustice: It’s Not Just Us event.

Injustice: It’s Not Just Us is a nonpartisan panel event which seeks to address the administration of fair and equal justice.

Following the recent events in Ferguson and Staten Island, we will provide an opportunity to learn about what we can do to tackle racial injustice from well versed experts in politics, social and criminal justice.

Tickets are a available here!

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, 18th Brooklyn Borough President, Former NYS Senator (20th District), Former Police Captain and Co-Founder of 100 Blacks in law Enforcement Who Care


  • Dr. Christina Greer, Professor of Political Science at Fordham University, author of Black Ethnics and Political Commentator


  • Michael Skolnik, Political Director for Russell Simmons, Justice League Board Member and President of


  • Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York and Civil Rights Advocate


  • Glenn E. Martin, Founder and Executive Director of JustLeadershipUSA and advisory board member of the Vera Institute’s Public Health and Mass Incarceration Initiative
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Statement on Governor Cuomo’s Ban on Fracking

The Manhattan Young Democrats applaud today’s decision by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Acting NYS Health Commissioner Howard Zucker to fully ban fracking in New York State. MYD is opposed to the dangerous practice of hydrofracking, understanding it poses a threat to our health and safety. We are proud our Democratic Governor took the right steps to keep New Yorkers safe and healthy. Here’s to a clean day and a cleaner future for New York!

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Statement on Eric Garner

Eric Garner was killed during an altercation with police officers, after a police officer held him in a chokehold, in violation of Police Department policy. The medical examiner ruled Eric Garner’s death a homicide, resulting from the chokehold and the compression of his chest by police officers. In the face of those facts, the grand jury’s failure to find cause to indict in the death of Eric Garner is deeply disappointing, perplexing, and raises troubling questions about our criminal justice system and whether it can in fact work equally for every resident of our city and state. We welcome the just-announced federal investigation even as we deeply rue its necessity.

As Young Democrats we continue to believe that activism and political involvement are essential to achieve the reforms our criminal justice system needs. It is our responsibility as citizens to fight injustice.

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Statement on Ferguson

Tonight’s grand jury verdict in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson is one fraught with emotion. The events of the year have led much of America to question issues of justice and race in a manner which has become increasingly common in recent years. There is never an excuse for the loss of life, no matter the circumstance. Michael Brown was just starting his young life and his family’s grieving does not end with this verdict. We are extremely disappointed in the outcome, but respect the wishes of the family of Michael Brown and protest what we see as an injustice non-violently. Our hope as an organization, is that we can continue to address issues of systemic racism, socio-economic inequality and freedom of speech. As Democrats we firmly believe everyone deserves a fair chance at the American Dream. As Young Democrats we know we must work to ensure the injustices we see today are not repeated again tomorrow.

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2015 Officer Application

Once again it’s election time for MYD!  Every year the members of the club vote for our leadership. In order to run for an officer position you must fill out an application which is then distributed to the membership to read. While applications aren’t due until January 7th, we’re putting them out now so those considering a run will have the opportunity to make their intention known at the MYD Holiday Party on December 16th.

Officer positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (learn exactly what the requirements are in Article III of the MYD Constitution, HERE). These positions are elected at the first meeting of the year by dues paying members.  The meeting will be held Tuesday, January 20 at 7pm.

To run for these positions you must have attended at least one MYD event in 2013 and be a dues paying member for 2014.

Please submit Officer Applications to me at president [@] with the subject line “2014 Officer Application” by 6PM by Wednesday, January 7th.  Applications will then be posted to the blog for the general membership to read and review no later than January 14th, as per our Constitution.

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Now is THE Time

The election night results are still a sore spot for many of us.

We knocked on doors, made phone calls and held up signs.

But we came up short.

While that certainly was crushing and deflating, Councilmember Corey Johnson reminded us why despite all this, now is THE time:

“As progressives we have to seize this moment, so people across the country can look to us for policies that work!”

People are counting on us to be loud and committed to the fight for a living wage, the DREAM Act, and affordable housing.

November 4th, 2014 was a rallying cry to regroup and fight harder. Sometimes it takes a loss to figure out the best path to success.

Keep fighting the good progressive fight at our annual holiday party on TUESDAY December 16- tickets here!

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