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Good morning Young Democrats!


We’re all getting slammed with fundraising emails — we’re hitting one of the federal filing deadlines, so it’s just that time of year. But take heart! This is not a fundraising email! It’s your regularly scheduled MYD newsletter — so read on!

The Week After

It’s been a week since the thrilling conclusion of the Rangel-Espaillat primary. In the end, Congressman Rangel, the dean of the New York delegation, held onto his uptown Manhattan- and Bronx-based seat in a race that was close, but not close enough to leave the result in doubt.

Both Congressman Rangel and his challenger, State Senator Adriano Espaillat, each had significant support in the community — including within our own club — and we know we have some friends and Young Democrats who are thrilled at the result, and some who are disappointed. But here’s something we can all be thrilled about, coming out of last week: Democrats are poised to finally win the State Senate.

Under what was said to be tremendous pressure from powerful unions, the mayor, and the governor, the Independent Democratic Conference has finally stated they will align with Democrats, not Republicans, after the November elections. And it looks like Democrats have plenty of opportunities to clean up in those elections. While we were all watching the results from the Rangel-Espaillat primary last week, a key Republican state senator on Long Island won his primary to run for Congress, finally confirming that his state Senate seat will be an open one in the November elections. That’s just one of three obvious pickup opportunities on Long Island, plus another in the Hudson Valley. And those are just the pickups that are within striking distance from the City!

So stay tuned — we’ll be asking you to hop a van or a train and come support some of the excellent Democrats running in these districts once the leaves start turning!

Summer Events Coming Up:

Two big events are on this summer’s political calendar, and one of them is right around the corner:

  • The Manhattan Democratic Party’s summer fundraiser — the second annual Demmy Awards (see below for an exclusive Young Dems offer for the Demmys) –  and
  • MYD’s own Young Gets It Done, our biggest fundraiser and party of the year! Save the date (August 13). See the schedule below for more details!


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
After Dasani: Shining Light on the Invisible- Panel on Homelessness
6:30 PM
St. John’s Lutheran Church, 81 Christopher Street
Greater NYC for Change, Village Independent Democrats, Manhattan Young Democrats, Democracy for NYC, and Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing invite you to join a free panel event focusing on NYC homelessness and what has changed in the last six months since Andrea Elliott’s inspiring New York Times piece, Invisible Child. The panel will be moderated by former MYD board member and current Gotham Gazette editor Ben Max, and panelists will include James Dill (Executive Director, Housing & Services, Inc.) and Lisa Lombardi (Urban Pathways).
Homeless Panel Debrief with MYD Economics Committee
Following the GNYCFC Homelessness Panel (about 8:30 PM)

Location TBD – Meet at St. John’s Following the Panel Event (See Above)

Join the economics committee for a discussion and debrief following the GNYCFC homelessness panel.
Email for more information.
Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Transportation Committee Meeting 
8:00 – 9:00PM
NY County Democratic Committee Office, 108 W. 39th St., 12th Floor 
Come catch up on the latest happenings in the transport world, from subway construction to Citibike! Email for more details!
Thursday, July 10, 2014
MYD Social Justice Committee Meeting
7:30 PM
108 W. 39th St., 12th Floor — New York County Democratic Committee Offices
Join the Social Justice Committee every first Thursday of the month (note: rescheduled to the second Thursday this month!). For more information, email Saqib:
Monday, July 14, 2014
2nd Annual Demmy Awards — at the Apollo Theater

7 PM

The Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th Street
The Manhattan Democratic Party invites you to a glamorous evening of entertainment and awards, as they honor outstanding Democrats and New Yorkers. Note: there will be discounted orchestra seats (from $125 or $250 down to $30) when MYD members enter the code MYDDEMMY on ticketmaster. Offer open for a limited time only. The regular upper mezzanine seats will be $30 too. Info and tickets here.
Saturday, July 19, 2014
Ready to Run & Prepared to Lead
Africans in the Diaspora Changing the Political Landscape
10 AM – 3 PM
258 St. Nicholas Ave, Manhattan
The African Leadership Project in partnership with the Manhattan Young Democrats will bring the brightest and most civically engaged leaders of the African Diaspora together in one room for an in-depth conversation and training on how to successfully impact the political landscape in this country through electoral politics and other key leadership opportunities.
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
MYD Economics Committee Meeting
7:30 PM

Desmond’s Tavern, 433 Park Ave South between 29th and 30th Streets

Join the econ committee to chat with fellow members about scaffold law, unpaid interns and intern harassment, affordable housing and homelessness, union contracts, sharing economy, food justice, impact of the economic crisis on millennials, and more!
Email for more information.
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
SAVE THE DATE: MYD’s Sixth Annual Young Gets It Done Awards
Time TBA

Up & Down, West 14th Street

Join us for our biggest and most exciting event of the year as we welcome over 500 supporters and just about every elected official in the state! We’re organizing the MYD Host Committee, so please reach out to MYD Finance Director Alex Leopold on how to get involved and become a member of the Young Gets It Done Host Committee –
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
MYD Economics Committee Meeting
7:30 PM

Desmond’s Tavern, 433 Park Ave South between 29th and 30th Streets

Join the econ committee to chat with fellow members about scaffold law, unpaid interns and intern harassment, affordable housing and homelessness, union contracts, sharing economy, food justice, impact of the economic crisis on millennials, and more!
Email for more information.


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DCCC Field & Finance Jobs: DCCC this Saturday (6/28) at 10:00am in NYC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) will be hosting a Recruitment Seminar and Resume Drop in New York *this Saturday, June 28 at 10:00 am Eastern* in order for interested applicants for field and finance roles in the 2014 election cycle to come by and learn about this year’s exciting opportunities for both experienced and entry-level staff.

Democratic races across the country are hiring field and finance staff for the 2014 election cycle. Each attendee will have the opportunity to participate in a brief sit-down to discuss their interests and skills, then we’ll share resumes with races who are searching for staff. Details below:

To apply online, visit

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It’s Primary Day – Go Vote!

Good morning Young Democrats!


Happy (Congressional) Primary Day! The polls opened at 6 AM this morning, for those in congressional districts with contested primaries, and they close at 9 PM tonight. The big race everyone’s talking about? The rumble in uptown Manhattan and the Bronx between Congressman Charlie Rangel and State Senator Adriano Espaillat. Many of us have friends on both sides of this one, and as is our custom, MYD isn’t endorsing in this Democrat-on-Democrat primary — but no matter who you decide to support, make sure you vote today!

Check to verify which district you live in — and look up your pollsite — using this tool. Remember — as long as you’re there and waiting on line before 9 PM tonight, you have a legal right to vote. Questions or problems?Check here for more info.

Summer Events Coming Up:

Two big events are on this summer’s political calendar:

  • The Manhattan Democratic Party’s summer fundraiser — the second annual Demmy Awards (see below for an exclusive Young Dems offer for the Demmys) –  and
  • MYD’s own Young Gets It Done, our biggest fundraiser and party of the year! Save the date (August 13). See the schedule below for more details!

NYC Pride March

We’re going to be marching in this weekend’s Pride Parade — want to join us? Email The parade’s on Sunday, June 29th, with an 11 AM line-up time.


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Dear Generation…

Dear Generation Omega,

I can’t help but roll my eyes at all the generalizations of the MYD Generation. In case you missed it, we’re apparently all:


-(Insert another negative stereotype of anyone under the age of 36)

We’ve been featured in the NY Times, poked and prodded on reality shows and ’20/20′ exposès, and taken for granted by corporations and those running for office. We are Generation “Why” (get it, instead of Y…).


This past weekend I hung out with my best friend and recounted all the terribly humiliating jobs I held after graduating from undergrad in 2009. Though inspired by the election of Barack Obama, I had a B.A. in geography (no, not geology) smack dab in the middle of a recession.

While working as an unpaid intern (glad that’s slowly becoming less of a thing) for the city, I did everything from yell at tourists on 42nd st on behalf of a museum of oddities to serving as a hotel concierge. I was lucky that I was able to shelter myself from the horrors of job hunting by heading to grad school, but many of my friends still struggle with the woes of graduating in a recession (low earning potential, fewer job prospects, decimated morale, etc.)

Speaking of graduation, this year’s list of commencement speakers who had invitations rescinded or opted not to speak due to student protest is strikingly long, but that’s a blog post for another day. Today, I am blown away by the brilliant words of wisdom offered by Miriam Markowitz, deputy literary editor of The Nation, to the graduating class of Independent Concentrators at Brown University. You SHOULD read it here-

My summary will barely do justice to the powerful message shared by Ms. Markowitz (@MiriMarkow), but her point is clear- looking at the new crop of interns (paid, I assume) at The Nation each cycle, she is in awe of their “intelligence, their ingenuity and their determination.”

We all knew we were pretty awesome, but sadly she concludes that thought by adding, “…most of all, I am shocked by their diminishing expectations.” So true!

We are the generation of low expectations, both from ourselves and our elders. We’re the ones who got screwed, bamboozled and duped. We’re not Generation Y or Why- we’re Generation Omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet and possibly the last Generation, when you consider all the crap we’ve inherited.

Ms. Markowitz goes on to point out that while we are victims of crimes of the future (also a post for another day), and the earth is supposed to suck us up and spit us out a sopping wet mess- SOMEHOW, this hasn’t happened yet!

Somehow, each time it appears the earth is literally about to give in, it gives us a second chance- a new opportunity- a new idea- a second wind.

It’s a wonderfully inspiring and hilarious speech (I mean who doesn’t love an OK Cupid reference as mom and dad proudly look on?) written by someone on the cusp of our generation- a 32 year old deputy editor!

So even though, “We are living in the twilight of a world order on the brink of economic, ecological and ethical collapse,” we are so brilliantly reminded that Omega potentially bears Alpha-

Don’t forget to follow @gomyd ALSO check out The Nation and I will see you on Tuesday June 17th at our next MYD General Meeting at the Wheeltapper Patio (Beer Summit anyone?)

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Policy Paper on the New York Dream Act

New York is a city that was built by immigrants. As of today it is the home of about 3 million people with a foreign nationality.  An estimated 645,000 people are undocumented and have no legal status. In 2006, New York City’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg acknowledged the illegal immigrants’ contribution to New York City’s economy when he said: “Although they broke the law by illegally crossing our borders or overstaying their visas, and our businesses broke the law by employing them, our city’s economy would be a shell of itself had they not, and it would collapse if they were deported.”

When illegal immigrants have children, they are born into an undocumented life. Their parents often work in low income jobs that make it hard for the family to save money for the children’s higher education. After graduating from high school, many undocumented youth who have the desire and the intellectual abilities to go to college are unable to because they can’t afford the tuition fees.  (more…)

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Profits trump communication in FCC’s new rule

As Young Dems, we have a voice. In the past 5 years I’ve been lucky to be part of an organization that made national news in the fight for marriage equality, has delivered testimony before our City Council and has been acclaimed at the highest levels of the Young Democrats.

Today an Op-Ed I wrote as 1st VP of the Young Democrats of America calling for Net Neutrality was released in The Hill. Here it is for my home chapter’s viewing pleasure (text copied below).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially unveiled its proposed “open Internet” rules. Few are shocked because the Commission has spent the last few weeks in a public relations battle to manage public anger at their undermining of Internet access.

Two months the ago, the Young Democrats of America sent out one of its most popular emails in the past year on this topic.

Politicians and bureaucrats may think they’re safe behind that seemingly dull and uninspiring name, or the obscure nomenklatura of the FCC, but they are not. Net Neutrality is a youth issue, it is a voting issue and we are taking action.
On Thursday morning, we joined other activists, organizations and companies rallying outside FCC headquarters to ensure that the open Internet does not die off without a fight. There’s still more to do.

Young people in this country have watched as Twitter has helped topple autocrats, and social networks have helped boost voter turnout. We’ve seen tyrants shut off the Internet and countries manipulate it to censor and spy on personal conversations.

To young people, the Internet is a rapidly evolving, ever-changing place. The proliferation of apps and tools, like Facebook, Google docs, Instagram and Kickstarter are a product of an Internet that is free of discrimination. A place of true capitalism. The best ideas rise to the top because people use them. The FCC’s action, or inaction, stands to undermine this marketplace.

Re-classifying the Internet as a telecommunications service is the only reasonable option and the legal course a federal judge directed the FCC to take. As the Internet comes under increasing threat from the entrenched interests of phone and cable companies, the FCC is the bulwark against stagnation.

Allowing broadband providers to tax access is like pouring sand into the economic engine of the Internet. The open Internet is our main means of communication and our greatest platform for free speech and innovation. Allowing broadband providers to prioritize certain content and services is de facto censorship and restricts new market entrants.

The end has already started to come. Netflix has brokered a deal with Comcast to deliver its content at manageable speeds. While Netflix may be able to pay for the fast lanes, could an upstart political candidate who relies on videos and social networks?

The result is censorship by vast monopolies resulting in poor customer service and price gouging — as anyone who has spent hours stuck on hold or waiting at home for the repair person can attest. Should the FCC empower them more?

Ideas are not pawns to be manipulated for profit by broadband providers. The Internet is fundamental to communication and should be governed like a telephone line.

Instead, the FCC has chosen corporate profits over our rights to connect and communicate.

This is a message for the FCC and our elected leaders. The people who will live with the results of your decision are those who increasingly spend their lives and earn their livelihoods online. Only reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier will do justice to its role in our world.

Yee is a vice president of the Young Democrats of America and a digital entrepreneur.

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