In 2009, MYD launched the Open Seat Project with the goal of electing young progressive New Yorkers to vacant County Committee seats in Manhattan. We like to think we’re building the future leadership of the Democratic Party in New York City and beyond, one County Committee seat at a time.

There are currently around 700 vacant Democratic County Committee seats in Manhattan. The Open Seat Project recruits, trains, and helps young progressive New Yorkers get elected to these seats. In the project’s inaugural year, we successfully filled 68 County Committee seats with young progressives, ensuring our membership had a voice and official role within the party structure. In 2011, we expanded our presence on County Committee to 90 seats. This year, we’re hoping run 150 young progressives for County Committee.

Open Seat Project is especially focused on recruiting women, minorities and members of the LGBT community who are dramatically underrepresented in elected office. We want the Democratic party — and ultimately, the leadership of our city, state, and nation — to be more reflective of the electorate.