MYD’s 2016 Presidential Endorsement

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The Manhattan Young Democrats are proud to announce our official endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States. For more information, please see our full statement, copied below. For months, we’ve listened to the plethora of presidential candidates explain to the country why they deserve to be our next Commander in Chief.  It has […]

MYD’s Statement On Sterling, Castile and Dallas

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We all watched in horror last week as Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and 5 Dallas police officers lost their lives.  These incidents have become an all too familiar part of American, and particularly African American, life in the last few years.  They are a symptom of a system where underlying prejudices are far too easily […]

New Director Positions – Now Open!

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2016 might be half over, but MYD is just getting started!  That’s why we’re looking for some more great people to join our team. If you’re interested in getting more involved with MYD this year, take a look at our open positions below! Applications for the positions listed will be filled on a rolling basis.  So […]

MYD’s Statement on Orlando

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All of us have been touched in some way by the events of this weekend in Orlando, some much more than others.  Unfortunately, tragedies like this more and more seem to simply result in the same hollow platitudes.  But that will not happen this year.  Stand with the Manhattan Young Democrats this election season as we continue to […]

2016 Secretary Candidates

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  We will be holding an election for a new Secretary our next general meeting!  This meeting will be held Tuesday, June 21 at 7pm. The candidates for Secretary are Ed Manzi, and Alecia McMahon.  Their Applications are attached below.                      In order to vote in this election you must […]

MYD’s Statement on Transgender Bathrooms

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The Manhattan Young Democrats stand with the President in his call that all schools treat their students with respect, consistent with their gender identity.  We are proud that New York State is not following the lead of the states that have filed a lawsuit objecting this directive. For further information, please see our official statement, […]

2016 Secretary Application – Now Open

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Unfortunately, our current Secretary has decided to resign her position, due to personal circumstances.  Therefore, as was announced at our general meeting last night, we will be holding an election for her replacement at our next general meeting. The meeting to elect a new Secretary will be held Tuesday, June 21 at 7pm. To run for this position you […]

MYD’s Statement On CUNY Funding

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The Manhattan Young Democrats stand with the CUNY University Student Senate, and call for the Governor to rescind his proposal to cut CUNY’s state funding. For further information, please see our official statement, copied below.   Dear Governor Cuomo: The Manhattan Young Democrats strongly oppose your proposal to cut state funding for the City University […]

February Issues Assembly

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Greetings Young Democrats, Our most recent Issues Assembly meeting on February 23 was informative, engaging and exciting… as always! We were joined by two members of the Village Independent Democrats who brought our attention to an urgent matter on the energy front. Spectra Energy is spearheading the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) project to more than […]