Wall Street No Longer Paying


The Washington Post and Politico both ran stories yesterday about the Democrats losing big Wall Street donors. From the Washington Post’s “Democratic campaign committees losing big Wall Street donors”: This fundraising free fall from the New York area has left Democrats with diminished resources to defend their House and Senate majorities in November’s midterm elections. […]

Elena Kagan’s Confirmation Hearings – Day 2

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OFA has a video on highlights from yesterday’s hearings: Kagan, as was expected, was dodgy in her answers. “She’s doing exactly what she criticized other nominees for doing. She’s dancing,” Senator Coburn said in an interview. The White House’s comments: During her 10 hours of testimony, Elena Kagan was so clear and forthcoming that she […]

DNC Hitting Republicans In Two New Ads

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Two fun DNC ads came out recently. The first, from last Friday, is called ‘Stop Apologizing’: The second, which came out today, ‘How Republicans Would Govern’: According to Mike Allen’s Playbook Daily: A party source: ‘The decision to move forward with a new ad came after the tremendous response the party received from grass roots, […]

Obama’s Successes, And Feeling Good About Them


Andrew Sullivan has a great blog post today called “Getting Shit Done” where he outlines Obama’s successes on BP, Iran, DADT, and the economy. Sullivan praises “Obama’s incrementalism,” his refusal to pose as a presidential magician, and his resistance to taking the bait of the fetid right (he’s president – not a cable news host) […]

Paterson Sets Budget Deadline Of June 28


Paterson said to legislative leaders yesterday that he would not sign any budget with deficit financing in it, and that he is setting a deadline of June 28th for the budget. Now, budget deadlines have come and gone in the past, but yesterday Paterson said he would put his budget plan into an emergency spending […]

Sampson Cares More About Yankees Than Job

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The Daily News reported this morning that John Sampson, the Democratic Majority Conference Leader, did not attend “crucial budget talks with Senate Dems on Sunday to host a lavish fund-raiser at Yankee Stadium.” I can’t say I’m shocked to hear that a State Senators doesn’t much care about the state, or his constituents. The Daily […]

Raising Regents Standard And Managing The Numbers

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Next year graduation rates are expected to drop after the State makes it much more difficult to pass their test. The city’s graduation rate has increased steadily over the past several years, peaking at 59% last year. [Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch noted that three-quarters of city high school graduates entering city community colleges fail the […]

No One To Blame

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Yesterday the State Senate passed a bill to adopt no-fault divorce. New York State would be the last state to adopt the measure, if it is passed the Assembly. To explain a little history: For decades, New Yorkers have been bedeviled by divorce laws that critics said prompted endless litigation and custody fights that were […]

International News: Violence in Kyrgystan

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On the international front, the New York Times had a story on the declining violence in Kyrgyzstan, however the article came with some bad news: As humanitarian aid began to flow into a south depleted of supplies, the office of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights said its investigators believed that the conflict may […]