Manhattan Young Democrats (MYD) are the official youth arm of the Democratic party in New York County. Our mission is to educate and activate Manhattan’s young progressives.

Here in Manhattan — one of the densest and most Democratic counties in America — we face a unique intersection of challenges. In a borough where Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 9 to 1, the critical local electoral contests in our County are not general elections, but Democratic primaries. Voter apathy runs high: New York ranked fourth lowest in national voter turnout in 2014.

At MYD, we resolve to change that. We phonebank and knock on doors for progressive candidates. We recruit young progressives to become representatives in the Democratic party and support their aspirations to run for elected office and involvement in the policymaking process. Our membership is diverse in interests, education, and professional background, but we share a common commitment to learn together and bring more young people into the processes that underpin our democracy.

Affiliated and partner organizations: