How To Guides For Young Dems: Twitter

The youth are the most connected and online-using age group out there. Politics is warming up to online tools quickly. So why are YDA‘s chapters so slow to pick it up? A few guesses:

  1. Lack of experience with the tools
  2. Think that the tools take a lot of times to configure and use (they do)
  3. Doubts that the tools have reach or will make a difference.

As always, MYD provides you with the solutions:

  1. We’ve got the training guides to make this stuff understandable. Check out our Twitter guide (Blogging, Facebook still in the works), as well as our presentations from the YDA Conference training sessions, here.
  2. They do take time. You are right. Find people to help. Tell them you will train them and they will gain a marketable skill for free (in a recession that’s a good selling point).
  3. And to counter your doubts, here’s a pretty amazing presentation that was posted on Mashable the other day:
Julie Blitzer is MYD’s Social Media Strategist.
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About Julie B

Julie Blitzer is a New York native and graduate of Claremont McKenna College, where she wrote her thesis on the relationship between technology and political campaigns. She is currently a Strategist at Advomatic, a web development firm whose clients include progressive advocacy organizations and political campaigns. Her work at Advomatic includes strategy consulting, website planning and design, and helping these organizations navigate the online space. Julie has deep experience in local, state and congressional offices, as well as political campaigns. She has worked in the Manhattan district office of Rep. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08) and on the technology team for Mark Green for Attorney General, where she managed one of the first campaign video blogs, MG-TV, and online outreach.
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